Welcome 圣安德鲁's 校友!

Whether it has been months or years since you sat in the Chapel of 圣安德鲁 the
Apostle at Commencement, the 圣安德鲁's 校友 Association and 校友 Relations Office is
来帮你. As a 圣安德鲁's graduate, you are automatically considered a member of the
校友 Association and part of the 圣安德鲁's community.

Please keep us updated with your contact information.
Send any changes of your address, phone number, and email to 

Get Ready for Your Reunion

校友 Reunion - April 2022

April 8 - 9, 2022 - Register Today 

We will be celebrating all classes that end in a 5, 6, 0, and 1

Celebrating Reunion Years: 1965, 1966, 1970, 1971, 1975, 1976,  1980, 1981, 1985, 1986, 1990, 1991, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2005, 2006, 2010,  2011, 2015, 和2016年. 


  • 当地的酒店

    Reunion Hotel for 圣安德鲁's 校友

    Boca Raton, 佛罗里达 33431

    Boca Raton Marriott at Boca Center
  • 事件的时间表

    April 2022 Reunion Schedule


    6:30 pm - 50th Reunion Dinner 


    6:00 pm - 校友 Tailgate 

    7:30 pm - Boys Lacrosse Game vs. 低角Verda 
    周六 afternoon is open to activities organized by each class.
    5:45 pm - Memorial Chapel 
    6:30 pm to 10:00 pm - Reunion Dinner 

    周日 Service at the Chapel of 圣安德鲁 

    *We will continue monitoring covid, and all events are subject to adjustments/cancellations. 
  • Sponsorship Opportunities

    Promote Your Business - The 圣安德鲁’s 校友 Reunion weekend and all other 圣安德鲁’s 校友 events hosted throughout the year are made possible through the generosity of the 校友 Relations Office supported by the Annual Fund. 支持ing the Annual Fund through sponsorship of the 校友 Reunion weekend is a great way to:
    • Show support and appreciation for 圣安德鲁’s 校友 Association events and services
    • Express appreciation for your 圣安德鲁’s education and ensure the same tradition of excellence for future Scots!
    • Promote your business/organization throughout the 圣安德鲁’s School Community
    No matter your level of participation, be secure in the knowledge that your sponsorship will be used to help support 圣安德鲁’s School and the continued development of our alumni programs.

    For more information, please email alumni@saintandrews.净 


Shop our campus store, 苏格兰的角落 by clicking on this link. Call 561-210-2050 or email bookstore@saintandrews.净 if you should have any questions.



  • 校友聚会周末

    Reunion Weekend is 圣安德鲁's School premier alumni weekend. 校友 are invited back every 5 years to tour the campus, enjoy the homecoming football game and a 周六 night reunion dinner.
  • Young 校友 Holiday Luncheon

    This annual favorite is held before the Christmas holiday at the Head of School's home, 圣安德鲁之家. The last four graduating classes and the current senior class are invited to reconnect with classmates, 教师, 和工作人员.

  • 校友 Regional Receptions

    The 校友 Relations Office host several regional receptions throughout the U.S. Past cities include New York City, Boston, San Francisco, and Charlotte. Keep your information current to receive all invitations.


  • Stunkel Family 体育名人堂

    The Stunkel Family 体育名人堂 was established in 2002 to permanently recognize and honor coaches, 管理员, 本校, 体育团队, and friends of the athletic program who have made a significant impact on 圣安德鲁’s athletic program. The next induction class will be in Spring 2022. 
  • 需要一个婚礼场地?

    校友 have the opportunity to hold their special day at the beautiful Chapel of 圣安德鲁, on our picturesque campus. It offers several locations, each with their own unique features, in which to hold your wedding. 看一看!


The Stunkel Family 体育名人堂 was established in 2002 to permanently recognize and honor coaches, 管理员, 本校, 体育团队, and friends of the athletic program who have made a significant impact on 圣安德鲁’s athletic program. The next induction class will be in Fall 2022. 了解更多.

支持 圣安德鲁's School

“圣安德鲁’s School gave me a great foundation for life; I’m happy to give back.”

~特里Jemison 65
  男生学生会主席——1964年 & 1965

“Teaching provides an opportunity to encourage values of hard work, commitment, and cooperation. Despite being away from the podium, I continue to nurture future Scots through my support of the Annual Fund.”

~ 1月Emigh
  Retired 音乐 Director (1987-2013)

“支持 from the 圣安德鲁’s community has allowed me to receive a world-class education that would otherwise be unattainable.”

~ Pieter K. Clerger的14
 圣安德鲁’s Medal recipient

Get Involved: Volunteer, Mentor

There are many ways in which alumni can stay connected to 圣安德鲁’s School by contributing their time and talent to support the school’s mission. Whether you have a lot of time or not very much, there are roles available that will fit your schedule and desired level of engagement. Please contact the 校友 Relations Office at alumni@saintandrews.净 or 561.210.2070 for more information.
Opportunities to get involved are: 圣安德鲁’s 校友 Association The 校友 Association help raises funds for the Annual Fund and hosts alumni gatherings locally and throughout 美国.


Due to COVID, visitors on campus are limited to pre-registered guests. Guests will be screened at the security gate by answering a series of questions. Masks are required indoors in any buildings on campus. Please contact the 校友 Relations Office prior to your visit at alumni@saintandrews.净

圣安德鲁’s School welcomes alumni back to campus. In order to make the most of your visit and maintain the safety of our stude
nt we ask that you respect and cooperate with the following essential campus safety practices.

根据你的兴趣, your  tour of campus can be customized to include teacher/classroom visits, 午餐, and information on 校友 Association services.
  • 联系 Office of 校友 Relations 安排你的访问.
  • Requests for campus visits should be made at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Tours are typically scheduled during school hours.
    • Monday through Friday, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
    • We will do our best to accommodate requests for weekend or holiday visits.
  • 校友 family members / guests are always welcome.
  • Photo ID will be required at time of visit.
We thank you in advance for adhering to our safety procedures, and we look forward to your visit.
Any use of facilities requires proper supervision 


All basketball courts and fields are closed unless you receive proper permission from the Auxiliary Department - 561.210.2100.

  • Closed unless scheduled through 500app下载安卓 Department.
  • 联系 凯特·普雷斯科特 for pick-up game schedule or reserve time.

  • Closed unless scheduled through 500app下载安卓 Department.
  • 联系 凯特·普雷斯科特 in the 500app下载安卓 Department. 

Duff Tyler Aquatic Complex
  • Not available through this program.
  • 联系 Sid卡西迪 for swim club information.

  • Not available through this program. 
圣安德鲁’s School reserves the right to request alumni to leave the premises, to stay out of areas designated for students, 或仅供校园人员使用, and to revoke campus access privileges at any time.

圣安德鲁’s 校友 are eligible to obtain a "Facility Use Pass" that allows access to 圣安德鲁’s School athletics facilities during designated hours when those facilities are not in use for team practices, 俱乐部体育, 和其他活动.

To obtain the rights to use athletic facilities you must obtain a 圣安德鲁’s 校友 ID. 校友 IDs are issued on campus.

Visit the 校友 Relations Office:
Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm*
  • Present your photo ID to verify 校友 status
  • Sign Liability Release Waiver
  • Take photo for 圣安德鲁’s ID
圣安德鲁’s 校友 ID’s are valid for one year: starting from the first day of each school year.  Photo ID’s and waivers must be renewed on an annual basis.  

Please check-in with Security Officer at the Welcome Center campus entrance each time you arrive on campus.

*Please make sure to check the school calendar for exceptions to standard hours of operation.


Facility use is permitted for 校友 with 圣安德鲁’s ID only
No guests (family, friends, or children) are permitted to use the facilities


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